Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well I've spent the last few days in Arusha having a wonderful time. I'm staying with Elliot from Macalester who grew up out here. Another friend from Macalester, Jamal, is also visiting. We've done a bunch of really cool things including hiking up some big hills, seeing colobus monkeys and visiting Tarangire National Park. It's been very relzxing and very different from my time in Dar! Elliot has a ridiculously cool house, and his family is great. His mom makes almost everything we eat including cheese, bread, jam, icecream, peanut butter, juice, and probably another bunch of things that i'm not aware of! They have a lot of land so they grow a bunch of stuff, and it is all delicious.
Anyway, tomorrow we might go paragliding, we'll see!


Blogger tom said...

So its early (for me) saturday morning in Portland. Im sitting in the small coffee shop that just opened across from my building... buried in my book and not quite awake yet, when I hear "Are you Annie Borton's brother?"


So Im okay with being "Annie Borton's brother" when I visit Macalester. And Ive come to grips with mostly being known as "Annie Borton's brother" in Berkeley... but good god, in Portland now too?

So anyway, Annie, I ran into 3 Macalester folks who are up on a road trip. Small world.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

Hi Annie,

All sounds wonderful, incredibly wonderful. Glad you are enjoying yourself so much. Hiking around in African hills, seeing monkeys, staying in way-cool house eating homemade everything, paragliding.....Thanks for keeping us all so well informed.

Love, Cindy

6:39 AM  

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