Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, I am officially done with my junior year of college. My paper is finished, and now I am just relaxing and enjoying the loud religious chants coming from the church down the street. Most of the group left last wednesday, only two students are left and the directors family. I am mostly hanging around in the city until i head up to arusha to hang out with elliot, and a few days after i get up there, Jamal is coming to visit so it should be a right big party.
Tomorrow I'm planning on heading to the beach for most of the day which should be great. I'm going with Sander, the other student left over here, and we plan on playing lots of football and I may eat a burger. Although, because I might soon be missing african food, maybe i should just eat some ugali and nyma, or wali na maharage... we'll see.
In other news, I think i may have lost my flash drive, which was not only rather expensive, but also had my paper on it and more importantly a bunch of bonga flava (kiswahili hip-hop/rap type music). I hope it turns up soon. ON another note, I am currently buying my plane ticket to germany, i'll be there the 4 of june through the 7th, at least if the internet doesn't time out on me which happens every 5 seconds.
Anyway, I'm tired and going to head off to bed, hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous jeannie coffin said...

hey annie- dunno if you're going to continue this with your continued adventures or not... i just thought i'd say hi. it certainly does feel wierd to be done with junior year of college. the picture of your mother is beautiful.
i broke my foot again. we put a screw in it this time, to avoid futher future breakage. hope the rest of your travels are spectacular!

4:22 PM  
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