Sunday, April 30, 2006

well, i'm still in shinyanga, although netball has been over for quite a few days. They are putting together a soccer team from all of the netball teams, I went to "practice" the other day which consisted of the coach telling us the names of the positions and explaining who to mark. He then had us do passing lines, but because we were so bad at it, we ended up throwing the ball back in forth instead of kicking it. we'll see how the game goes, if it happens. I don't really know what is going on most of the time because not that many people speak english here and their swahili is too fast for me. Also, tomorrow Kikwete (president of TZ) is coming for the closing of the tournament, exciting stuff.
I was looking through my calender the other day and realized that my program ends in 18 days! Oh how the time has flown by. I guess that means I should start actually doing work! Anyway I hope everyone is doing well!


Blogger Katie said...

18 days! crazy how time flies! i turned in my honors today and now graduation is around the corner. we miss you! have fun, katie

11:35 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

hey annie, I love reading your updates, I can just see the look on your face at that soccer practice...that´s áwesome you get to be in the house this summer- I´m not coming up till mid august. I´ll be in austin taking organic chem and working a bit. good luck with the project! safe travels home, kate

2:25 AM  
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