Tuesday, April 25, 2006

well i'll actually keep this one short. I am in shinyanga at a netball tournament, it's been really interesting so far. sincei stepped off the plane on the 21st, i have not seen another white person. So i'e been getting a lot of attention. the town itself isnt that interesting, real small and fairly poor. the team lost the first three games (i came late and missed those) and then we won our last 2. So we are moving on to the quarter-finals, which we play tomorrow. We are playing a teamthat is really good, they look like they have actually played sports before,and some can even run, which is more than some of my teammates can manage! so im' doing very well, despite all the mzungu attention, which is annoying for the most part. I am about to hand out a survey to all of the netball players for my independent study project, hope it all works out! okay, hope ya'll are well!


Blogger Kate said...

Hey annie! So you get to play in the tournament after all?? Sounds awesome- hope your final project is going well. I remember how annoying the gringa-attention was when I was in Honduras. One little kid saw me and freaked out, telling his mom he saw a ghost! Enjoy your last month in tanzania- where are you going to be this sumemr?

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